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As a health care expert specializing in naturopathic medicine, Doctor Sinsheimer is frequently interviewed for and featured on television programs, websites, and other publications to discuss various health topics. If you are interested in interviewing, filming, or bringing in Doctor Sinsheimer as a guest lecturer or presenter, please contact our office.

PBS Special on Naturopathic Medicine: Treatment for Chronic Disease

Many medical philosophies tackle chronic illness by only treating symptoms. Naturopathy works to decelerate the disease process by supporting the body’s functions and natural ability to heal.

Effectively Treat Seasonal Allergies with Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine can effectively treat seasonal allergies by improving digestion, nutrition, and general function of the body, especially colon health. Dietary changes, herbs, nutritional support, and other detoxifying therapies can help.

Effectively Treat Asthma with Naturopathic Medicine

Asthma can be caused by immune system problems, mold, pollutants, food sensitivities, genetics, and more. Naturopathic medicine focuses on controlling this inappropriate immune response through dietary changes and supplement prescriptions.

Treating Psoriasis and Eczema Naturally
Conventional drug-based medical treatments for psoriasis and eczema tend to treat only the symptoms of deeper underlying problems. Understanding and treating the root causes of psoriasis and eczema, including liver function, food sensitivities, cholesterol levels, and stress can help patients eliminate these illnesses altogether.